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Svatošské skályFelsen Svatošské skály

Rocks Svatošské skály

National natural monument Svatošské skály (Svatoš Rocks) from 1933, area of 1.95 ha, located in valley of the Ohře river, between Carlsbad and Loket, a group of massive granite rocks forming unusual shapes (such as "petrified wedding procession"), Venetian Drift (artificial cave, where mineral riches were sought), fort Old Loket (primeval habitation on rocky cliff over the Ohře river from the middle stone age), nature trail Doubí - Svatoš Rocks made accessible in 1978, 12 km long, 12 stops with information from geology, archaeology, history and botany, a favourite place for bicycle trips.

Sight of Svatošské skály
Sight of Svatošské skály

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